Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Artificial Intelligence and health

I've been asked by some "young adults" what they should study, which major at the #University. One told me that she wants to study #medical imagery. I didn't want to kill her dream instantly but in about 10 years’ time, #health sector will change dramatically. #Artificialintelligence will help to check pet scan and medical imagery with more accuracy than our human eyes. #AI will also be able to anticipate #cancers by scanning all the #pixels with more precision than the best specialist. Humans can scan hundreds of medical images/day, Artificial Intelligence can scan thousands and thousands of it without resting. After an interesting exchange, this young woman decided to find a major between AI & health. Another young adult told me that she wants to be an accountant. Same issue here: it's a repetitive #work & will be the first to be replaced. She will rethink what major to pick to avoid redundancy in 15 years.
The fundamental question is: why our children have to study major that will be useless in 10-20 years ? Our politicians need to rethink #education and offer new ways to learn. Don't train young people to become jobless people. Don't kill their #dream, just advise them in a better way.
It's about time to have a mid/long term vision of the #job sector with the incoming AI.

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